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The Historic Theaters of Salt Lake City website is focused on remembering the early opera houses, vaudeville stages, and motion picture playhouses of the early twentieth century.

Salt Lake City, albeit a smaller and less bustling location, had no shortage of the arts. In fact, a city of its size had an abundance of amusement spots that the public would enjoy and frequent often.

"The prosperity of a community is reflected in the condition of its theatres
and other places of amusement.

If they are prosperous - drawing large attendance and piling money into
the cash drawer - means that other business, are as a rule, enjoying similar prosperity.

Inasmuch as this is a fair barometer of business conditions, Salt Lake
during the past year has enjoyed prosperity."

Salt Lake Telegram - February 27, 1919

The numerous theaters that Salt Lake City had available were not lost on the public and even looked upon as a good thing, as noted in the above newspaper comment.


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